Dr. Mike and the Staff at Total Care Chiropractic

Total Care Chiropractic and Dr. Michael Linnell have been serving South Orange County, California for 28 years. Patients with a variety of health concerns find their way to Total Care for sports injuries, automotive and industrial accidents, postural dysfunction, and the effects of aging, chronic pain, headache and migraine as well as a number of organic illnesses.

Dr. Mike knows what it’s like to be in physical pain. He was in a serious car accident while attending college. His treatments with a chiropractor have such a profound effect on his life that he decided to pursue his career in chiropractic.

After completing his education in 1995 from Palmer-West Chiropractic College in San Jose, California, Dr. Mike dreamed of opening his own chiropractic office. He envisioned an environment that would provide a compassionate and caring, one-on-one, hands-on manual therapy with the best professionally trained chiropractic doctor and massage therapists. Dr. Mike has been on the other side; he understood what patients needed and treatments that would improve their physical and mental health.
He is passionate about providing high-quality, individualized care in order to achieve each patient’s goals. He believes that communication and patient education are the keys to reaching and maintaining an optimal level of functioning.

In his spare time, Dr. Mike enjoys the outdoors kayaking, biking, scuba diving or surfing. Being active is important to his mental health as well as his physical health. He also loves to travel to tropical places..