“I have been going to Dr Mike for about 3 years now, after trying 2 others that did not go well. They were no shows for appointments and did not help my back problems at all. I cannot imagine going to anyone else. He always asks questions about my back health and really listens when I talk. His office is easy to find, easy parking. I would not dream of going anywhere else for my back care. I find that regular adjustments helps me to a great extent. I highly recommend Dr. Mike.”

Becky D.

Lake Forest, CA


“Awesome manipulations! Very thorough and a relaxed, non rushed environment.
Excellent location, two blocks off the 5 freeway at Lake Forest exit.
Plenty of parking. Dr. Mike explains what he’s doing and why.
His demeanor immediately puts a patient at ease.
I’ve never had to wait, never had a problem getting an appointment, takes insurance.”

Martin E.

Rancho Santa Margarita, CA


“Recently I was fortunate enough to meet Dr. Mike and his staff as I was looking to switch from another Chiropractic office. Dr. Mike is very knowledgeable and I hope his life choices rubs off on me. He mentioned kayaking on his lunch break and showed me his sea glass collection. Personally, as a severe workaholic Dr. Mike is a good influence.

For my first treatment I had a one hour session with Yasmine where I was able to feel relaxed while she aligned my spine and worked out the knots in my shoulders. Overall, I can see that Total Care Chiropractic offers a clean and friendly environment, with a knowledgeable staff, and very reasonable prices.”

Philip T.

Belmont, CA


“My husband and I have known Dr. Mike for 18 years. We both have found that regular adjustments help with life stress and strain on the body. As we began to have children, he treated them too as needed. Dr. Mike is not only our trusted chiropractor but we consider him a friend. He cares for each patient as if you were a family member. He is honest, doesn’t sell you. He knows what he is doing and is excellent. He is flexible and makes his patients a top priority. If you are afraid of chiropractors or the practice, or needed to make a change, then Dr. Mike is surely worth a try. I would highly recommend him.”

Helen M.

Trabuco Canyon, CA


“I came back from a two week vacation with back pain that was unbearable. This was the first time I had experienced constant stabbing and throbbing pain. I couldn’t turn my neck without pain shooting down to my fingers. I finally made an appointment to see a chiropractic doctor when my middle fingers to my pinky were numbed. I went to see a chiropractic doctor and did not notice any changes with my condition after four visits. My husband’s colleague recommended Dr. Mike so I thought I would give him a try.

Dr. Mike did a very thorough evaluation. He explained what caused my injuries and how he would be able to help me. He spent the next 1/2 hour combining electrical stimulation and ultra sound on my shoulder. He also adjusted my back and neck. I’m not a big fan of manual neck adjustment so Dr. Mike was very sensitive to my request. He put me at ease by using a small tool to adjust my neck. He also recommended a 1/2 hour massage which I did schedule with Yasmin and she was wonderful!!!

When I left from his office, I did not notice how great my back felt until I was at home. My stabbing and throbbing pain was barely there.

I see Dr. Mike when my pain starts acting up. He’s a great doctor. He genuinely cares and he takes his time treating his patients.”

Kameron T.

Santa Ana, CA